From July 2015 till December 2015 I am updating my blog after a few months break only because we are now living a normal life which is no longer dominated by eczema as it used to be just over a half a year ago. Looking back, July was also a very important month since our … More

May/June 2015 I am not sure where has the last month gone, because since Olaf has been feeling well, our life has not been dictated by eczema. We are busy all the time and we are catching up with living a normal life. We meet with other mams and children, we attend classes for babies … More

April 2015 Easter was a pivotal point in my baby son’s treatment. My mam who was also trying to help and find different solutions, read a story on one of the eczema facebook groups written by a mother who was using Dr Aron’s treatment for the past three weeks to bring a relief to her … More

January/February/March 2015 In the middle of January Olaf was due his visit at dermatologist but I still did not want to accept that Olaf’s skin will have to look like that all the time. I felt very desperate and disappointed so I decided to look for some answers to Olaf’s eczema myself. I excluded from … More

December 2014 We tried newly prescribed creams during our holidays in Poland, however itchy skin and redness were not improving greatly. A few days later I fell poorly with stomach bug and I was not able to eat anything. The only foods I could keep in were boiled eggs and a little bit of rice. … More

November 2014 Olaf’s skin seemed to be a bit softer after using Hydromol ointment for a few days, however more red patches started to appear again, this is why I had to make another visit at the GP practice. GP had a look at the small skin area at Olaf’s chest and decided I should … More

September/October 2014 At the end of September Olaf started having a problem with cradle cap which was getting worse despite different methods to remove it. He also started getting baby acne, but it disappeared after about two weeks. However the worst was still to come… In the middle of October my son’s skin became very … More

August/September 2014 Birth of a baby and being a mother are probably the most beautiful and important moments in women’s life. Perhaps most women expecting a baby have one wish- to give birth to a healthy baby. I was so excited when I was able to hold my baby boy after birth (due to complications … More

Walka z AZS o odzyskanie dzieciństwa/ Fighting with eczema to regain childhood

I would not be able to describe this story a few months ago because of a few reasons. First one was the amount of upsetting emotions and the feeling of helplessness, second reason was the lack of time even for eating and third reason, probably the most important, chronic lack of sleep. August/September 2014 Birth … More Walka z AZS o odzyskanie dzieciństwa/ Fighting with eczema to regain childhood

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